10 Awesome Ways to Use The Qliplet

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We get a lot of great feedback from people who have purchased the Qliplet about how handy it is to hold diaper bags, purses, etc. The more we engage with our customers, the more we realize that people are inventing new uses for the Qliplet everyday.  We have some pretty creative brand ambassadors out there who have shared with us their favorite, most practical, ways to use their Qliplets and it’s for much more than keeping your purse off the ground.


This Amazon user’s review shows how truly diverse the Qliplet can be:“So far, I have used it to connect a couple of bags at the airport, to hang a rechargeable lantern outside while we had a fire, and my wife has recently “borrowed” it for her purse when she went out to eat with friends (still waiting to get it back!).”


Here are some inventive ways to use your Qliplet that you may or may not have considered before.

When camping

Camping requires a lot of stuff.  Use Qliplet to keep things off the ground and hang other important things (like light) from a tree or your tent. One Amazon reviewer said: “I didn't think I'd use it too much or be impressed by having a "specialty carabiner." But after taking it camping for the first time this year, I am definitely sold on it.”  The same reviewer also said it’s perfect for hanging a bike in a small apartment or garage.

Keep Headphones Handy

Whether at home, school or at work, the Qliplet is the perfect companion for headphones. You can hang them from your desk, from your backpack, just about anywhere, even your coffee table!  You can even use it for earbuds, which will keep them nice and untangled for next use. Try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

In the airport

One of our favorite uses for the Qliplet has always been travel. When you have to juggle multiple pieces of luggage, travel pillows, and various other paraphernalia, having an extra set of hands wouldn’t hurt. We love that the Qliplet can connect to say, a carry-on suitcase, and then attach your computer bag or purse to it. This Qliplet fan even found it useful on his wheelchair to connect his luggage.

While flying

Keeping your bag in the storage space underneath a plane seat is not an easy feat. You have to take it out a million times a flight, stuff spills out and you inevitably lose one of its contents.  The Qliplet can hang your bag, or anything really,  from the tray table, or if you’re lucky enough to have a window seat, the window sill. It keeps the contents of your bag in one place and you from having to shove a huge bag under a tiny seat.

Under construction

There are so many uses for the Qliplet, we found another one when a recent visitor to our Facebook shared photos of his home remodel. He used his Hot Rod Red Qliplet to hold his light fixture in his kitchen up so they wouldn’t hit their heads on it!

Working out

One of the things that inspired the creation of the Qliplet was outdoor activities. Whether you are working out indoors or the great wide open, the Qliplet is the perfect workout companion. Clip your water bottle to a treadmill, hang your yoga bag on a fence, or use it to keep your resistance bands in one easy to access spot. Need to add weights to your crossfit workout? Qliplet can hold up to 50 lbs.

At the pool

Anyone with children, or anyone who swims, knows it’s difficult to keep things dry.  Towels inevitably fall into puddles of water or your bag becomes a sponge. The Qliplet can hang those towels to lounge chairs, towels from umbrellas...pretty much anywhere. You’ll never have to worry about a wet towel again, unless you’ve already used it. One Amazon user boasted: “They really save me in the public restrooms when the hooks are broken and I don't want to put my nice purse on the gross floor or when I take my kids swimming and I want to keep things off the wet floors.”

On the water

Now that summer is rapidly approaching, what better use for the Qliplet than on the water? Between stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking, the Qliplet’s versatile design can handle anything you throw at it. “I purchased it specifically to use on a boat to hang life jackets so that they will dry out more quickly. This will be a very versatile tool to have on board and I know I will come up with countless uses being that it can hold up to 50 lbs”, says yet another Amazon customer.

Hanging Equipment

Like traveling, it’s always awesome to have an extra hand when doing physical labor. Many people use the Qliplet to hold their wrenches or miscellaneous tools close by, without having the bulk of an added tool belt. One user even utilized his Qliplet by hanging his tool bag on a nearby ladder, keeping his hands free to do the important work.

While Painting

This is one of the most innovative uses we’ve seen. You can hang a paint can from a ladder, which will save a lot of time (and strain on your knees) when painting large rooms or projects. The Qliplet is also easy to clean, so you don’t need to worry about ruining it.

Those are just ten uses for the Qliplet. There are hundreds of possibilities. What’s your favorite?

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