InStash names Qlipter the World's Most Versatile Clip Hook!

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Qlipter: The World's Most Versatile Clip Hook



You’ve already seen the so-called “mommy hooks” out there that help you carry tons of groceries at once, but they’re so rigid they lack versatility. While they might be handier than the alternative, they don’t go quite as far as the Qlipter, which will soon be launching on Kickstarter.

The Qlipter allows you to keep all of your stuff off the ground when you need it to, whether you’re hiking, traveling, climbing, strolling, or shopping. It can be used to keep your luggage together, keep a diaper bag from touching the nasty bathroom floor, or even to hang your bicycle when you’re done with a ride. It has a wide berth on the hook, so it’ll attach to most any surface or bar, a swiveling joint that allows it to change positions without sacrificing grip, and a rubber end cap that holds everything in place and cuts out the danger of slippage. Since it hasn’t launched yet, you’ll want to head over to the prefundia page and sign up for notifications. It should be available by July of this year for around $20.

Click here to see it in action:

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