5 Ways the Qliplet Will Save Your Sanity at Amusement Parks This Summer

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From the Happiest Place on Earth to your regional waterpark, visiting an amusement park is a summer must-do activity for everyone, big and small.  Our Lulabop team took turns visiting a few of the top theme parks on the West Coast, where we put our little superhero gadget – the Qliplet – to the test. Here are the top 5 ways in which it saved our collective sanity…and also made us smile.

1. “Look Ma, No Hands!” - What goes along with visiting amusement parks? Shopping. And what comes with shopping?  Oodles of plastic bags. We found that the Qliplet allowed us to attach our shopping bags to our backpack, thereby freeing our hands. Also, great for hanging shopping bags at cash register as you pay for more Disney character swag…

2. Stroller Separation Anxiety– How many times have you parked your multiple strollers in the designated Stroller Parking Area before riding the Pirates of the Caribbean for the 5th time, only to find your strollers have been moved and separated by the well-meaning attendants who are just trying to keep things organized? Fear not, the Qliplet’s clip and hook system assured that our strollers never suffered from separation anxiety again by keeping them together.

3. Keeping Germs at Bay- While most amusement parks are vigilant about ensuring their restroom facilities are kept clean, one can never be too safe.  And how often have those nifty hooks intended to hold your belongings on the back of the stall door broken off due to overuse? The Qliplet’s clip and hook to the rescue again, as it allowed us to keep our bags off the bathroom floor at Legoland…and we also used it to hang our diaper bag from the changing table, as well as the sink as we washed our hands. Can you tell we don’t like germs?

4. Hands Free Waiting – This might be an obvious one, but, as we found ourselves without a FastPass at some of Disneyland’s more popular rides, our legs and arms and hands got tired.  So, we hooked our stuff onto the Qliplet, and then onto the railings as we slowly inched forward in line.  In addition to keeping our hands free, it gave us something to do.

5. Goofing Off with the Characters– Finally, after all this problem solving and holding of our stuff, our Qliplet really needed to have some fun.  We found it was a really nice ice-breaker with the characters. And bringing along more than one, allowed us to emulate our favorite character, Mickey Mouse!
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