5 Ways the Qlipter Kicks the Carabiner’s Butt

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n the past year that I have been developing the qlipter, when people asked me what it was, I would stumble along and give a long monologue about all the wonderful things it can do (the opposite of an elevator pitch).  Then, a new friend said, “Just tell me how it’s different from a regular carabiner.”  Yes!  That is the perfect way to talk about the qlipter (why didn’t I think to do that?).  So, here it is -- my elevator pitch version of the qlipter (at least closer to an elevator pitch):  The qlipter is a carabiner that got smarter and grew five amazing features.  Here are what the qlipter has that your average carabiner does not.

qlipter vs carabiner

1.  The qlipter has an arm!

The carabiner grew an arm that folds and rotates and folds back into place into a regular carabiner when it is not being used (and it stays closed with a magnet).  Think of how much your arm does.  The carabiner’s life is forever changed thanks to this arm.  It can now hang over and on virtually anything (think tree, bar, table, luggage handle, door and on and on).

2.  And a rubber gripper.

Sometimes, you need to hang your stuff off of a table, whether a dining table, cocktail table or a diaper table.  The rubber gripper prevents the qlipter (and your stuff) from sliding off.

3.  And  tapered nose.  

The qlipter has a super tapered nose so that it can fit into nooks and crannies, something that an average carabiner cannot do.  What can you do with a tapered nose?  Check this out (yes, that is the qlipter holding a bag off the floor from the space between a bathroom door frame and the door).


4 and 5.  And an extra large gate and an extra wide basket.

This allows the carabiner portion of the qlipter to be clipped onto larger things (like a thick stroller bar, a monkey bar, shopping bar, etc.)

For those of who are visual, here is a summary of what a qlipter is:

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