7 Best Accessories for Summer Festivals

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It’s summer festival season, and with music events and cultural activities throughout the next few months, people are filling up their calendars. Whether you’re headed to a weeklong festival or a single-day celebration, there are a few essential accessories to bring along to make your experience more comfortable and fun. The following are our picks for the best accessories for summer festivals.

Hydro Flask: The number-one thing you can’t forget to pack for summer festivals is a water bottle. Hydration is super important, and this insulated, leak proof Hydro Flask is the thing to bring along for portable access to water whenever you need it. $42.95

SegSac Traveler Bag: This is your ultimate daypack for festivals, with five inner compartments to keep your stuff organized. The SegSac opens from both ends for convenient access, and has a hidden inner pocket for valuables such as your keys and wallet. A handy detachable shoulder strap makes it convenient to carry, and it doubles as a pillow for overnight events. $39.99

Heroclip: It may be shameless self-promotion, but we truly think that Heroclip is a must to bring along to a summer festival. This clip is incredibly versatile, perfect for clipping your water bottle to your backpack, hoisting your stuff off of the ground, securing your sun shade, and much more. $19.95

Carhartt WIP: Summer activities often involve water, putting your smartphone at risk. Carhartt has a great solution with their waterproof phone pouch. The pouch is completely watertight and even floats, although it is also PX8-certified to protect up to 60 minutes and 3 meters underwater. It’s transparent, so you can easily see that incoming call or notification. $13.78

Portable Phone Charger: You’ll probably want to do a bit of research to find the portable phone charger to fit your needs (battery size, charging speed, weight, number of USB ports, etc.). Pricing ranges: $16.99 - $149.99

Portable Speaker: Music is a pivotal part of most festivals, even if it’s not the focus of the event and merely supplemental. Regardless, you’ll most likely want to keep your campsite bumping with some tunes when you’re relaxing between activities. Your choice will likely depend on size, audio quality, battery life, and price. Pricing ranges: $15 - $300

Pandawell Mobile Fan: Summer festivals mean lots of time out in the heat and sunshine, and while you’ll certainly want to lather up with sunscreen, alternate and additional methods of protection and cooling may be necessary. This handy mobile phone fan docks into your iPhone or iPad to blow a bit of a breeze your way. $4.99

Enjoy your summer festival fun this season!

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