A Day in the Life of Batman

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Bruce Wayne couldn't sleep due to the thoughts racing through his head.  He had just had such an unusual day and couldn't believe how different it would have been, had he only been able to get his hands on the qlipter.

The day had started innocently enough.  It was a beautiful day, and as he walked through the park he saw an older woman struggling to carry a number of things from what appeared to be a very successful shopping excursion.  While he offered to help, she refused stubbornly.  He thought about a product he had seen online, the qlipter, that would be perfect for situations like this, when you seem to have too many things to hold and too few hands.  He mentioned that she should look into it and then went merrily on his way.


Not long afterwards, he heard screams across the park.  Two thieves had attacked the poor woman and were taking off with her purse and some of the packages!  In no time at all, Batman was on the scene.  He quickly found the perpetrators on the roof of a nearby building, and a fight ensued.  Batman had just recovered the woman's items when he heard a shout nearby. "Quick, they are getting away!" the voice warned.  To his delight, it was Robin on top of the next building over.  He saw a telephone wire between the building and wished he could somehow zipline the woman's belongings to Robin before pursuing the thieves.  If only he had the qlipter on him, he thought.

Alas, he had to leave the recovered items in a pile on the roof, and he chased after the thieves. Batman and Robin cornered them in a dark alley.  This time, there was no getting away for the criminals, and the streets of Gotham were safe once again.  As Batman walked back to the roof to get the women's things, he noticed that his belt had broken during the struggle.  Robin teased him as he walked down the street with his belt in hand.  Batman thought about the qlipter again.  He could have used it to hang the belt to the side of his Batsuit!  He began to ponder how one device could do so many things.

After reclaiming the items from the roof, Batman was on his way to returning the items when it began to rain.  It was a very hard, heavy rain.  People were hustling down the street in a hurry to get out of it when he noticed some commotion.  There was a group of people with what appeared to be an abandoned parachute.  They were working on creating a rain shelter to protect the merchandise they had been peddling on the street.  The men were having difficulties securing it down, attempting to tie the parachute ropes to nearby street lamp poles.  Again, Batman thought about the qlipter and how it would have been such a great solution for them.  Since there was nothing he could do, he continued on his way, returning the items and heading home.

When he returned home, the house was very quiet.  Alfred was nowhere to be found.  He would have to hang his Batsuit to dry by himself.  He could not find anything that would work.  As he laid the Batsuit in the tub, he knew that the qlipter could have helped him here, too.  That was hours ago now as he restlessly turned in bed.  He could take no more of this, he decided.  He jumped out of bed to grab his tablet.  He had to have the qlipter!  He set a reminder for April 8 on his calendar so he could make sure to get one on the Kickstarter campaign.  Now if he could only decide how many he needed.

-Suzi, Team Qlipter (illustration by Trevor Essmeier)

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