Food & Travel reviews the Rolla Tag!

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Rolla Tag Review by Kathy Witt


Travel gear as thoughtfully executed as your itinerary.


Responsible travelers know to ID their luggage, but with many ID tags your personal information is out there for all to see as you navigate the terminal or wait at the gate.

Lulabop’s new Rolla Tag ($9.95) is elegance in a sleek cylindrical tube that lets you ID all your bags while keeping your personal information private.

Give the nylon canvas pull-out a tug and out comes the ID tag. Record your information and then let it snap back into place, inside the tube where your personal information stays hidden away from prying eyes. Made of anodized aluminum, Rolla Tag is sleek in pearl, bronze, red, blue, and green. What a fresh twist on luggage tags — and one easily spotted in a sea of bags.


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