From Idea to Patent…The Journey of a Product!

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Big news here at Lulabop! We’re excited to announce we have been awarded Patent No: 9,453,527 for our invention and beloved gadget, the Qlipter (a.k.a the Qliplet in its 2.0 version). It’s been a long road and we appreciate your support during this incredible journey!


We thought we’d detail our journey via the timeline below…


Summer 2011: The Big Idea: Lulabop founder, Mina Yoo, was training to summit Mount Rainier in Washington state (four months after giving birth to her first child) and needed something to keep her gear out of the mud. As a new parent, she also soon realized that she could also use an extra set of hands...having a child brings with it lots of stuff. So, she reinvented the carabiner by adding a rotating, folding hook to the clip and set out bring her idea to market.


2011-2013: Design, Prototyping and Engineering: After the initial design sketch made on a flight from New York to Seattle, there were numerous redesigns necessary to perfect the Qlipters look and functionality, which you can follow in this timeline:  

February 2014: Naming; While in the prototyping phase, Mina called her invention the LualaBiner (Lula after the company, and Biner because of its variation of the carabiner).  Naming process was tricky.  A few names she considered and ultimately rejected were The Hookr, Stay Hook, Third Hand, The Roo, Glenda, and Freehand before ultimately arriving at Qlipter (with the next product in line being Qliplet).

April 2014: Lulabop files for a Utility Patent for the Qlipter.


May 2014: The original Qlipter is funded via a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign with a total of $77,755 raised – nearly four times the initial goal of $20,000.  And, Lulabop landed its first large retail orders with REI and Big 5 Sporting Goods.

November 2014: The first Qlipters arrive in funder’s hands and feedback was overwhelmingly positive!

March 2015: After feedback from crowdfunding backers, Lulabop designs 2.0 version, the Qliplet

October 2015: Qliplet is listed on Indiegogo and funded at $138,679 USD total funds raised 493% of its goal!


February 2016: In addition to reviews on numerous gear and gadget websites, The Qlipter is covered in Real Simple magazine in February 2016 – a dream come true!

September 2016: Lulabop’s Qliplet is awarded Patent No: 9,453,527!


We could not have done this without our supporters and we are so excited to share whats next. Stay tuned team!




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