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Photographers Rejoice

If you're a photographer, check out this great article from Shutter Muse on the many benefits of adding a Heroclip or two to your kit. Personally, I do a lot of photography as a hobby. Professionaly, I do a lot of photography for Heroclip. It's great when a small, simple and inexpensive tool makes such a remarkable difference in day to day shooting. As the article points out, Heroclip has a tiny footprint. Weighing only 2oz and folding down to about the size of many generic carabiners, having one handy is a no-brainer for anyone, including pro and amatuer photographers.

Shutter Muse has a ton of free resources available for those looking to hone their photography skills, so check out the site for ebooks, tips and tricks. Whether your just starting out or are just looking for ways to improve it's a great place to explore.

Has Heroclip changed the way you work or play? If our gadget has contributed to your awesomeness, we want to hear about it! Email adventure@myheroclip.com to share insights, use cases and stories about yourself and Heroclip!

Thanks to Dan for reaching out and including Heroclip on Shutter Muse!

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