Heroclip Highly Commended in Carryology's Sixth Carry Awards!

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A huge thanks to Carryology for including Heroclip in their sixth annual Carry Awards!

The competition this year was stiff, with a host of great bags, everyday carry items and accessories in the running for awards and placement. Heroclip missed the top accessory spot by a hair, but are thrilled to have placed in the Highly Commended category!

From Carryology:

"Some designs make you stop and think “Huh, why have we never done it this way before?” The Heroclip is one of them. Simple but genius, the design combines a hook and clip in one. And for even better adaptability, the Heroclip incorporates a 360-degree swivel to quickly and easily adjust to different needs and environments. The uses are almost endless, spanning urban and outdoor spheres alike, helping you carry better in your day-to-day life, on trips, and more. Secure it to bags to attach extra gear. Hook or clip it to stationary objects such as tables, branches, doors or walls. If you think of something that needs to be carried, you’ll probably find a way to get the Heroclip involved in the action. And that’s pretty darn cool."

Pretty sweet!

For the uninitiated, Carryology is all about carry - it's in the name! From bags to hooks to gear that makes carrying easier (that's us!), Carryology is covering and celebrating it, day in and day out. Check them out if you haven't!


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