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Okay, guys, we've officially hit the big time, we've crossed over from the land of startups to become a fully fledged, global corp!

JK. We're still a startup.

But we're doing well, and now we have been featured in Forbes! Follow this link to the whole article, titled "What Outdoor Retailers Are Talking About Now." We have a modest but punchy segment in the article. From the writer, Richard Kestenbaum, "Hero Clip makes a hook that is the Swiss Army Knife of hooks, with millions of uses. It has proven so useful that it is now in every REI store and is being expanded to many other retailers as well. Sales of the company are exploding and more products are going to be introduced shortly. New uses for the hook are being created every day."

It's true, Heroclip is on its way to every REI door in the country, which is great news if you're a co-op member or just keeping an eye out for Heroclip medium or our new sizes (they'll be coming to REI, too, once they're released this fall!) hitting retail outlets.

Thanks for reading, and thank you to Forbes for including us!


Team HC

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