Heroclip vs. Qliplet: The Evolution of a Pretty Special Clip

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Every invention has a story, in fact, the original carabiner (which comes from the German term Karabinerhaken, meaning ‘carabineer’s hook’) wasn’t initially invented for climbing. It was initially a type of lightly armored calvaryman mid-1600s France. They carried a special type of rifle known as a ‘carbine’ (carabine in French), and used a strap with special hooks to carry them, but the hooks didn’t really have a special name at the time. It wasn’t until 1910 when German mountaineer Otto Herzog (whose nickname was “Rambo”) saw members of a fire brigade wearing oblong clips on their belts and decided it was a great tool for climbing.

Heroclip is no different. This handy clip has evolved over the years to become the hero-maker that it is today… the first and original hook-clip carried the name “Qlipter”. Our early customers were very helpful and provided some important feedback, leading us to change the name when we released our second generation (smaller) clip, the Qliplet.

We weren’t quite there, though.

Unfortunately, people had trouble spelling, pronouncing and all-around remembering the name “Qliplet”. Common misspellings were Quiplet and Qiplet. So, we needed something else.

Mid last year, we rebranded as Heroclip because we wanted a name in line with our mission to empower everyone who fits the extraordinary into their ordinary days. These people are heroes in our books! And everybody has the potential to be an everyday hero. Heroclip was born.

Qlipter and Qliplet also had some differences in design as compared with today’s Heroclip. The first change was in size: Heroclip and the middle generation Qliplet are 20% smaller than the original Qlipter because we found this size to be more desired. Qliplet also had a different system for pivoting the hook, where it had one rotation and one folding point. Qlipter and Heroclip both upgraded in design to have two folding hinges and a unique rotating joint in order to improve the hanging quality. Heroclip also has an improved closure that holds in the hook when closed, and we added a rubber cover to the end of the hook for better grip.

We have used high quality metal from the very beginning with all hook designs, but with the Heroclip generation we switched to an even higher quality with solid aluminum made from CNC machining (Qlipter was die-cast). Heroclip now comes in more color options and has a nice anodized finish.

And the most important upgrade? Heroclip can hold up to 60 lbs! The other two were rated to hold up to 50 lbs.

What’s your favorite feature of the Heroclip?

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