HuntingLife's Kevin Paulson names Qliplet as a 'Gear Gem'

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Every once in a while you stumble on a gear gem. Even though at first glance I didn’t see it, the Qliplet is such a gem. This is a carabiner on steroids with a rotating, folding hook that hangs just about anywhere. It becomes a hook to hang things like bags, jackets, and gear off of just about anything. So not only is it a carabiner used to attach things, it is a hook to hold things.
On our recent trip out west we used the Qliplet as both a carabiner and as a hook. On a nightly basis, we extended the carabiner’s hook, slipped the hook onto a loop inside the tent to hold a small lantern. Prior to heading to sleep, we used the Qliplet to hang the light over the picnic table, illuminating our late night meals.
You can view Kevin's full review of the Qliplet, and other great gear here!
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