Inventive Inventioning - Creating the Qlipter and Beyond

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As most of you know, I am passionate about new ideas and bringing those ideas to reality. The Qlipter was born out of this concept and almost a year after our very successful Kickstarter, I thought it would be fun to take a look back for this week's blog post.  

I recently talked with The Hot Pick Profiles about the evolution of the Qlipter. The Qlipter idea was "born" in 2011 after 2 things happened: the birth of my son, Kai, and my summit of Mt. Rainier. After numerous training hikes lugging around a heavy backpack and finding no place to put it other than the muddy ground, I thought "there has to be a better way." Also, as anyone with a baby or young child knows, you never ever have enough hands to hold on to your gear.. and your baby! I had no previous experience with inventing other than a passion to bring forth my idea into reality and a tenacity to see it through the process. 

The baby that inspired the creation of the Qlipter

The mountain that inspired the creation of the Qlipter

Anyone with an idea can be an "inventor." Really. It's that simple. Most of the time people are held back by their own perceived limitations, but if you truly believe in a product idea, I would encourage you to explore it. Talk to other people who have brought a product from idea to reality and see how they went about the process. There are lots of like-minded people out there who would love to help and provide guidance. 

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