Lifehacking 101 - The Mom Edition

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Founded by a mom of two young kids, we at Lulabop know that no one has more roles in life than a Mother. Many times, she is the organizer, the cook, the chauffeur, the teacher, the laundromat, the memory stick and so much more. Making this multi-tasking role work is no easy feat for any Mom, but we’ve pulled together some awesome gadgets that we love that may just make your daily schedule sail a little smoother. Here are five awesome gadgets at every price point.

Everpurse will keep your mom’s iPhone powered all day long. Simply slide the phone into the SmartPocket™ and it instantly begins to do its job! Now your mom can never miss your calls, and look extremely stylish in a Kate Spade design. (God save you if you miss her calls!) 
Wristlet Pouch, from $198

Most moms love wine! And this is the ultimate wine accessory. The Coravin solves a problem that was never solved before. It magically pours wine from bottles without pulling the cork, and your mom doesn’t have to finish the entire bottle – the cork naturally reseals itself, keeping the bottle in perfect condition and allowing her to enjoy the wine one glass at a time whenever she likes.
Coravin Model Eight, $299 onwards

Polaroid Zip Instant
With this gadget, your mom will be able to instantly document precious moments in her life by printing out pictures as easily as you snap your fingers! This palm-sized printer uses Bluetooth to connect with the mobile device and prints images in less than 60 seconds. Here’s an added cool feature, you can peel the backing off the prints to turn them into stickers. Your mom is going to be bragging about this device for sure!
Polaroid Zip Instant Photoprinter, $129.90


The TrackR Monitoring System
The Trackr will let you mom know where her valuables are at all times. They easily attach to items and can be located using an app - in seconds. Disclaimer: Don’t let your mom sneak a Trackr in your bag!
Trackr Bravo, $29.99 onwards



Ted Baker Ballpoint Pen and Stylus
Your mom can be stylish with this stylus-cum-ballpoint pen. It is a ballpoint pen on one end, and a stylus on the other – a handy tool for moms all around! 
Ted Baker Ballpoint Pen and Stylus, $36

No matter what book she’s reading on her Kindle, your mom is sure to love her KleverCase. Disguised as an old book cover, she is sure to think this gift is very clever. (That rhymed!) 
KleverCase, $47.38

We know moms deserve a medal for everything they do. But awesome things will do too! Gift your mom something nice and make her happy.  

All we’d like to say is, “You’re welcome!”

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