Our Top 6 Websites for Gadget Lovers

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It’s not a surprise that we’re fans of life-changing gadgets. That’s what we’re all about. As such, we’re always looking for websites that gather the coolest of the cool in the gadget world.  Below is a list of a few go-to sites we have bookmarked. You should too.

1.  The Grommet

We love The Grommet for it’s unconventional approach. Not content to push what’s already popular, they are always looking for the undiscovered product. They also give gratifying nods to the inventors. Our favorite find: Quicklock: a Bluetooth padlock.  

2.  Gear Junkie

These guys at Gear Junkie are all outdoors, all the time. If there is a gear need that crops up anywhere under an open sky, they have found the best one. Our favorite find: ENO’s Sub7 hammock. the lightest hammock we’ve ever seen. 

3.  Core 77

Not a gadget site per se, Core 77 is really a dedicated design site, that features projects and creations by a wide range of designers. It’s nice to see someone paying such close attention to human centered design, and showcasing some amazing examples of human ingenuity. Our favorite find: the Trusco Tool box, a sleek updated version of an old favorite. 

4.  Practical Travel Gear

This site makes us want to pack our suitcase immediately. It’s a dream come true for the traveler - lots of ingenious products, accompanied by some great links to travel articles by seasoned globe hoppers. Our favorite find: the Happier Camper, a lightweight camper you can tow with a small car. 

5.  Outdoor Gear Lab

A blog that focuses, yes, on outdoor gear. Voted best Outdoor Blog by Outside magazine, they are a cut above due to their rigorous testing process and highest journalistic standards. They buy every piece of gear they review - and we love the high quality videos too. Our favorite review: best carryon luggage, which scrutinized the top 13 in the category to inform our buying decision. 

6.  The Gadgeteer

This site run by Julie Strietelmeier, has a focus on technology, without sounding stuffy or overly technical. She’s got a good eye for what works and what doesn’t, and isn’t swayed by hype or popularity. Our favorite review: the GoSmart STYLUS, a capacitive stylus for doodling on your iPad or other tablet. 

    Have any other suggestions? Let us know! We’re always on the hunt for more great sites. Of course, our favorite site for the latest gadgets is Indiegogo, where you can pre-order our very latest, the Qliplet: http://igg.me/at/qliplet.

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