Outstanding Review of Heroclip Small up now on Trailspace

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Trailspace.com is a great place for detailed reviews and information about outdoor gear, and they've recently published a thorough—possibly the most thoroughreview of a Heroclip product that we've ever seen.

The review focuses on Heroclip Small, but there's a ton of info about all our sizes by way of detailed comparisons between all three. After spending time with our new sizes, Mike Mineart of Trailspace determined Heroclip Small "is a well-made accessory clip that has unique features that enable it to be used in a variety of useful applications," and that "The two new sizes of Heroclips really expand the potential uses and enable the user to pick a size 'just right' for their situation."

The whole review is stuffed with useful information about our entire product line, complete with weight limit testing on the small to check out our claim of 50 pounds! It's great. Thank you, Mike!

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