Qliplet answers GeekDad reviewers prayers!

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Qliplet answers GeekDad reviewers prayers! 


Usually, for a parent, the only thing more important than going to the bathroom with your toddler and all your gear, (and doing the real thing), is not to lose your stuff, or your baby, in the process. 

I was praying for a clip like this one, since there are so many places–bathrooms, parks, open spaces, closed spaces, etc.– where you don’t need your backpack and do need your hands-free. This is a great invention, and, of course, it was created by a mom: Mina Yoo.

As you can see, it’s good for hikes, for strollers, in stores, while camping and during exercise in the park… It′s versatile, and folds up easily, so you can fit it in a pocket until you need it. It comes in eight colors.


(Mine goes to the top of my backpack and will stay there).

It connects easily with the huge “Mom clip” that I keep by the stroller, and will go with me every single day of my busy, toddler-driven life.

Maybe, when they finally grow up, I’ll use it for personal things.

Check out the full article below! 


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