RECOIL OFFGRID Reviews Heroclip

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An excellent review of Heroclip is out, courtesy of RECOIL OFFGRID, a publication providing information and resources for disaster-preparedness from the urban and city-dwelling perspective. As pointed out in the review, a Heroclip isn't a total replacement for most standard carabiners, and especially not for those rated for climbing. Heroclip is, however, a useful addition to any kit because of its versatility and unique 360° built-in hook, hanging and rigging gear in ways traditional carabiners can't. As the review points out, "In some environments, you may have a tough time finding anything to clip the carabiner to. Rather than rigging a paracord ridgeline or MacGyvering something temporary out of zip ties and duct tape, it’s helpful to have a more versatile solution." There are actually a bunch of great pictures in the review and useful information on how the product works and how you might use the available sizes in the field with your gear. The Photos here on the blog courtesy of Patrick McCarthy / Check out the rest over in the review! Thanks, RECOIL OFFGRID, for the great review! 
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