With a Little Help from our Friends

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Photo © Dale Baskin

With a Little Help from our Friends

If you know anything about Heroclip, you know we’re all about giving you an extra hand so you can hang on to the moment, not your stuff. Every day has its challenges—getting your gear dirty on the ground or keeping the kids’ things organized being the least of them. Life is packed with obstacles big and small, and we could all use an extra hand to navigate and succeed in our modern world.

About 10 years ago I was lucky enough to make an inspiring career change, but it wasn’t without guidance. A big reason I’m working with Heroclip today is that around the same time I was thinking of changing careers, one of my mentors gave me a Park Ranger doll as inspiration to pursue my dream of a career in the outdoor industry. The goal of switching careers was daunting, but the doll was a clear symbol of the world I wanted to be a part of. More importantly, the gift of the doll continues to inspire me to mentor others as they pursue their own dreams and become who they want to be.

Daily Dream Inspiration

Throughout my career, I’ve managed teams big and small and mentored over thirty people, and I think that’s the most rewarding thing about what I do. Whether helping a company grow, or individuals pursue their dreams in new career paths (like I did!), I’m all about helping where I can, giving people the tools to do more of what they love, contribute more to what they’re a part of, and lead more rewarding lives.

Mentoring on the trail :) Photo © Dale Baskin

As invested as I am in the lending a hand to others, I can see first-hand how Heroclip reinforces and reflects that spirit of assistance and simplification. In my own life, Heroclip has saved the day on numerous occasions, keeping my luggage organized throughout packed travel itineraries and hanging my water filtration system on backpacking trips so I have more time to connect with my hiking buddies. It’s also fun and fulfilling to work with a team and company that provides a simple tool that helps people live better lives. It just goes to show that support, and the right tools for the job, are useful in life no matter how high the mountain is.

I’m excited to be a part of this team, and to help a company and product—one that can help just about anyone do more of the things they want to do—grow and succeed!

Photo © Dale Baskin

Mona West

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